Friday Find:

This week, Patrick Shea’s proud father-in-law (John is one of my wonderful co-workers at “the day job”) brought this New York Times profile to my attention.

The article introduces readers to “[Shea’s] goal was to write one song for each of the 136 chapters in ‘Moby-Dick,’ Herman Melville’s sprawling 1851 classic, which tells the story of the ship captain Ahab and his haunted hunt for an elusive white whale. Combining literary analysis with eclectic musical taste and a dark, clear baritone, Mr. Shea posts a new song each week.”

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? I’d want to post about it even if I didn’t already know and like the father-in-law!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Friday Find:

  1. seanag says:

    Wow. What an intriguing idea. I’ve had a look at it, and Patrick’s commentary looks to be every bit as interesting as his songs.

    But why, oh why, am I never able to make it through Moby Dick?

  2. Erika D. says:

    Yes, it’s a very interesting site. And maybe it will help more people get through the book!

  3. seanag says:

    It is a book that does seem to inspire this kind of deep commitment and devotion. A few years ago, I saw a play here in Santa Cruz that a man named Bill Peters put together using just text from the book and some sea chanties and a few props like some sticks and a white sheet and absolutely recreated the world of Moby Dick before our eyes. It also made clear that Melville’s obsession to write it mirrored Ahab’s, and I think this director’s obsession to get the thing staged mirrored them in turn. Maybe it’s infectious.

    I certainly started reading the book very happily at that time, but then I had to move and got sidetracked.

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