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Friday Find: Critical Mass Spotlighted Blogs

Given my not-so-harmonious history with the National Book Critics Circle blog, I was wary yesterday morning when Practicing Writing’s site statistics revealed a surge of readers coming right from precisely that source. But what I found when I checked the NBCC blog was a very pleasant surprise.

You see, the post that was driving traffic to Practicing Writing was Rigoberto González‘s “Spotlight on Blogs.” From the post:

I attended a forum recently in which MFA graduate students impressed upon the audience the importance of reading blogs as a way to stay in the loop and keep abreast of the goings-on in the literary world. And when I wholeheartedly agreed, I was duly asked which blogs I would personally recommend. I had to think for a moment and I gave an on-the-spot reply, but I promised to relay a more substantial response once I went home and thought about it more carefully.

And that response (the post) included a full list of recommendations. Including–you guessed it–Practicing Writing.

We’re in some great company (including a couple of blogs new to me). Be sure to check them out at the post.

So here’s a big thank you to Rigoberto González (we met briefly at a CUNY event two years ago, but I’m not sure he’ll remember that), a warm welcome to all our new readers, and happy weekend wishes to the regulars!



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  1. I found your blog through Barbara Jane Reyes’ blog, also featured in the list. I’m happy to be one of the new readers!

  2. Thank you, Katie, and welcome!

  3. Congrats, Erika! Rigoberto putting you in the number one spot is well deserved.

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