Jewish Women’s Writing Groups

The latest issue of Lilith (spring 2009) features an excellent article about Jewish women’s writing groups. From the table of contents: “From Austin to Boston and everywhere in between, Jewish women in writing groups are learning to take seriously their skills, themselves, and the bonds that emerge from these homegrown groups. The groups have become safe, intelligent places full of debate, ribaldry, neurosis, semi-colons, and food. Edited by Susan Schnur, with reports from the field by Karen Propp, Shelly R. Fredman, Mara Sokolsky, Esther Mizrachi Moritz and Michelle Brafman.”

All the contributions are worthy, but I have to confess that reading Michelle Brafman’s dispatch from Washington, D.C., I found myself envying the structure provided through the local JCC, which annually sponsors a four-day writers’ retreat. Brafman, who is on the faculty, tells us that after completing the retreat (where the fabulous Faye Moskowitz also teaches), “participants are eligible to join the ongoing writers’ workshop that meets every six weeks at the JCC.” How wonderful does that sound?

And guess what? Lilith has made the article available for download (and discussion). Click here to be on your way.

2 thoughts on “Jewish Women’s Writing Groups

  1. Elan says:

    Erika, as a long-time member of the DCJCC writer’s workshop and a student of both Michele Brafman and Faye Moskowitz, I can tell you that your jealousy is well placed. It’s an incredible group of writing women, multi-generational, all looking to tell our stories, some for publication, some for our children, some just to enjoy the sensation of having written it down. We all learn from each other, salute each other, and support each other through the process. The summer retreat is magical, and the year-long workshops are my lifeline to the world of writing. Thank you for highlighting it in your blog.

    Karen Paul-Stern

  2. Erika D. says:

    And thank you for your comment (even if it increased my jealousy!).

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