The Wednesday Web Browser: Colson Whitehead Edition

One regret I have about my college years is that I didn’t get to know as many of the writers and future writers in my class as I might have. One of these college classmates is Colson Whitehead (who probably has no idea who I am).

But I was thrilled to hear him speak at a literary event last year, and I’m following the press on his new book with great interest. That novel, Sag Harbor, has gone to the top of my tbr list.

For more on Colson Whitehead and Sag Harbor, please check the following:

–Radhika Jones’s “Dag!”

–Janet Maslin’s “Black Teenage Memories, Under the Hamptons Sun”

–Charles McGrath’s “Coming of Age in Sag Harbor Amid Privilege and Paradox”

–And for those who love YouTube, you can see/hear Colson Whitehead himself talk about Sag Harbor, the place and the book, right here.