Please Advise an Undergraduate Practicing Writer

Today, I’d like to solicit your advice for an undergraduate who contacted me over the weekend. I have this individual’s permission to post the original message here:

I am currently heading into my 3rd year at … College, majoring in creative writing, American Literature and literary theory. I am going to be in NYC (Brooklyn, specifically) in July and August before returning to school, and was wondering if you knew of any possible internships (paid or unpaid, no preference) that would be available at this date in writing or publishing. I’m looking for something that might offer some good experience for a soon to graduate student with an interest in writing and publishing. If you knew of anything or could help out in any way, I would be so grateful.

And I’d be grateful, too, if you’d share any suggestions in comments. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Please Advise an Undergraduate Practicing Writer

  1. Mark Rennella says:

    I'm thinking non-profits. They may need grant writers especially, but they may also need marketing pieces, etc., that would demand the talents of a good writer. And they're really eager to hire people at low cost!

  2. deonne kahler says:

    Check for internships – it might be a bit late for this summer, but it's worth a shot. Good luck!

  3. Erika D. says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Mark and Deonne. is a terrific resource. I've already recommended the job board, too.

  4. Chidelia says:

    you could intern at a literary agency as a "reader", where your main job is just to read thru the slush pile of submissions and decide what's good enough to be read by the agent. these internships are usually unpaid, but you can work only part-time, even onvly once a week. you can find jobs like this all over the nyc craigslist site, just do a search with the words "literary agency/agent". i did this for a few months, and gained alot of experience as to what agents find exciting. good luck!

  5. Erika D. says:

    Good idea, Chidelia. Thank you!

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