The Wednesday Web Browser: Getting Paid, Conference Recap, [email protected]

The Renegade Writer presents The Freelancer’s Guide to Getting Paid.
Missed the BEA/Writer’s Digest Conference? Check out the link-rich roundup.
My alma mater‘s been on my mind a lot lately, and I was perusing its Web site when I found this new beta offering: [email protected], which offers “a vital nexus of poetry-related courses, library collections, events, organizations, publications and pedagogy at Harvard University.”

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser: Getting Paid, Conference Recap, [email protected]

  1. Celeste says:

    Erika, thanks for posting about [email protected]–I hadn't heard about it. I always think that creative writing doesn't get enough attention at Harvard (also my alma mater!) and this is a lovely resource. The "15-minute Poetry Intensives" are especially interesting, and I'm not even a poet!

  2. Erika D. says:

    Hi, Celeste, and thank you for your comment. I was happily surprised to stumble on that site.

    I so agree with you about cw at Harvard. Once upon a time, when I was still teaching there, I proposed a project (via the Bok Center) to help change that. Alas.

    Now, they need to create "[email protected]" Or, why couldn't they have created "Poetry&[email protected]"?

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