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Roxana Robinson’s Writing Room

One of the things I’ve most missed about my Cambridge apartment (which I left when I moved to New York in early 2007) is the perfect home office I’d managed to create there. Now that I am on my way to securing a dedicated writing space in a new Manhattan abode, I have been thinking about how wonderful it will be to have all my books, binders, and papers within reach again. And a big desk. For starters.

So I was certainly intrigued to see the New York Times run an article this past weekend that focused on author Roxana Robinson’s home writing “hideout.” I was particularly interested in Robinson’s choice to work in a room the article describes as “as spare as a monk’s cell,” rather than in “a study that would seem the ideal lair for a novelist.”

Most of all, I was just happy to see the subject of a writer’s working space treated so front-and-center in the newspaper’s real estate section!


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  1. Thank you for sharing the Times link. What a great piece. I so love to hear about the spaces writers create for themselves. I love imagining the work zone and clutter (or sparseness) and seeing how writers live and breathe in their self-created zones. The Times gave us a real nice glimpse into Robinson’s ‘hideout.’

    Have fun creating your new space!

    Lori A. May

  2. It doesn't take a fancy space to write. Most people who consider themselves writers have a "place" to write, but try venturing out and writing someplace new. You'll find new environs will also give you new perspectives.

    A. Sims

  3. Thanks, Lori, for the good wishes. And yes, Aaron, of course you're right. And I think one point of the Times piece is exactly that Robinson doesn't want anything "fancy." (Even within what may be an otherwise fancy apartment!)

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