The Wednesday Web Browser: Practice of Poetry Edition

National Public Radio profiles poet–and single mom/corporate communicator–Elizabeth Haukaas. (The piece is part of a series on how artists make a living. Which, NPR suggests, is not solely by writing poetry!)
English instructor Art Scheck shares his students’ struggles reading (let alone writing) poetry.
And a more biting take on poetry in the classroom from Billy Collins, courtesy of a recent installment of The Writer’s Almanac.

One thought on “The Wednesday Web Browser: Practice of Poetry Edition

  1. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the link to Art Scheck's piece.

    I work for the training section of a region of a major U.S. government agency. I forwarded the link to all of our folks who work with traditional classroom training and video tele-training. And some of them are forwarding the link to more people.

    I'd guess our average age is approaching 40. We can use this kind of insight.

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