The Wednesday Web Browser: Wise Words, "Virtual Yard Sale," and Poetry of Science

Wise words from Lisa Romeo: “I constantly try to remind myself that people don’t read creative nonfiction because they care about what happened to me, but because they care about whether what happened to me might have some meaning for them.”
And a cute idea from Creative Nonfiction: a “virtual summer yard sale.” Check out the loot: journal issues, books, and more. Go visit before July 31, when the sale ends.
You don’t often find poetry on the science blogs. But the New York Times‘s TierneyLab recently profiled poet Kimiko Hahn, whose next collection (coming from Norton in 2010) is titled Toxic Flora and “is filled with poems inspired by articles in Science Times.”

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser: Wise Words, "Virtual Yard Sale," and Poetry of Science

  1. Lisa Romeo says:

    Thanks for the mention, Erika.

    Of course, this is just another way of saying what Vivian Gornick, Anne Lamott, Mimi Schwartz, Phillip Lopate, Carolyn Forche, Robert Root, Philip Gerard, and so many other wise teachers/writers of CNF all say in various ways.

    But I do find that constantly turning the advice over in my head, putting it into words that work for me, is really helpful. At least on some days!

  2. Erika D. says:

    Well, YOUR way is especially well said, Lisa!

  3. Dianna Kelly says:

    So many authors forget about their audience. They write for themselves, not for the reader. That's a great quote from Lisa Romeo. If you're going to write for anyone but yourself, you truly must consider what the audience wants to get from your writing.

    Great post!
    Dianna Kelly

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