Conference Scholarship for Ontario Writers (Deadline Approaching Fast!)

There’s no time to save this announcement for the Monday morning round-up, so I’m posting it today. The Ontario Writers’ Conference offers a “Kick-Start Writing Prize” for entrants (ages 18-26) who attend a postsecondary institution in the province of Ontario. “We believe in the importance of encouraging young writers to explore their creativity, strengthen their craft and immerse themselves in the writing community. To this end, we are offering one full scholarship and one partial fellowship to attend our 2010 writers’ conference, plus an opportunity for our winners to read at evening’s Festival of Authors.” You’ll need to submit a short personal essay with your application. There’s no entry fee. Deadline: November 1, 2009. (via

One thought on “Conference Scholarship for Ontario Writers (Deadline Approaching Fast!)

  1. Tara Mae says:

    If only I was living in Ontario! that would fit me perfectly!

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