The Thursday Web Browser

I know–Wednesday is the day for the Web Browser–but there is so much to share that I’m taking the liberty of making the regular “column” a two-day event this week:

While nixing cookie service at faculty meetings (or perhaps because of this cost-cutting measure), Harvard manages to purchase the archive of John Updike.
Intriguing article about the day job/writing dilemma(s). (via Galleycat)
The first-ever Compleat Biographer conference has been scheduled for May 2010 in Boston, and “biographers who are willing to put on a workshop, chair a panel discussion, or make a presentation” are in demand. (NB: According to The Biographer’s Craft, the conference date will be May 15, rather than the May 23 I just saw on the conference Web site.)
And in case you’ve been offline for the last day and a half: this year’s Man Booker award has gone to Hilary Mantel for Wolf Hall.

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