614: New Issue and Call for Submissions

The new (November) issue of 614, an e-zine from the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, takes a multifaceted look at poetry. Editor Michelle Cove introduces the content: “We talk to a cool young poet who has appeared on MTV and HBO; a 20-year-old poet who has already had more than 80 poems published; and the proud winner of the Worst Jewish Poetry Contest. Throw in two highly acclaimed Jewish women poets and there’s something for anyone who appreciates verse.”

614 is also looking for submissions: “614 is accepting essays and short stories that have something unique to say about being a Jewish female today. We will select pieces that fit into the theme covered in the issue. There will be no payment, but we’ll include a link to the author’s website or books. Submissions should be under 1,500 words; we’ll contact you before publishing your essay. Email mcove(at)brandeis(dot)edu with ‘614 Submission’ in the subject field.”