The Wednesday Web Browser: Tech Edition

Jane Friedman has compiled a list of “Twitter Tips for Writers.” Which will come in handy, no doubt, once I cave in and launch a Twitter account/feed of my own. (See also Robert Lee Brewer’s Twitter Cheat Sheet for Writers.)
I may be behind the times insofar as Twitter is concerned, but after witnessing David Pogue present at a conference last week, I definitely know where to go to learn more about technology more broadly. For example, this video has taught me something about e-readers–while making me smile.
And speaking of e-readers, did you hear the news that The Atlantic has begun publishing stories exclusively on the Kindle? (For some good commentary on this, see Midge Raymond’s post here.)

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser: Tech Edition

  1. LCS249 says:

    Erika, don't bother. I tried Twitter and found it (as David Pogue of the NYT said) an interesting additional time-waster. There are indeed some real-time benefits, to some very small niche apps — e.g., the techies at PBS got info faster than others when the Fort Hood shootings occurred. But otherwise it seems a genuine fad that has grown in direct proportion to the number of unemployed, IMHO.


  2. LCS249 says:

    Should add that Jane Friedman is providing a useful digest so that the rest of us don't have to follow everything, all the time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Twitter is great for big breaking stories. Witness the hotel bombing in Mumbai, the student protests in Iran and even the National Book Award announcements on Nov. 18. I'm not sure I understand why Oprah needs to hire somebody to tweet for her; "branding'' is the unseemly buzzword-explanation you hear from people who "tweet.'' But for breaking news it has been a revelation.

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