Next Sunday in NYC: Imagination and Catastrophe: Art and the Aftermath of Genocide

Next Sunday (January 10, 2010) in New York City, the Center for Jewish History presents a symposium titled ““Imagination and Catastrophe: Art and the Aftermath of Genocide”:

Join filmmakers, writers, and musicians to discuss the complexity of creating art that deals with genocide and its aftermath. These artists and critics will discuss how the imagination wrestles with historically catastrophic events. The program will include segments of films, readings of fiction and poetry and a musical presentation, “The Golden Peacock” by Hugo Weisgall. In the creation of art out of catastrophe, genocide can be understood in more complex ways.

“There can be no poetry after Auschwitz.” – Theodore Adorno

Join Atom Egoyan, director, writer, producer, Academy Award nominee; Peter Balakian award winning poet; Emily Duncan-Brown, soprano; Donna-Lee Frieze scholar of genocide, philosophy and film studies, Marcie Hershman novelist; Laura Leon, pianist, and R. Clifton Spargo, writer to discuss:

–Is the artist obligated to tell the truth about history?

–What is the ethical impact of fictionalizing genocide?

–How does the artist use his or her medium to depict the horrors of history without sentimentality?

Admission: $20 general, $15 CJH members