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Quotation of the Week: Jack London

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
— Jack London

Source: Nebraska Center for Writers

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  1. I think Jack London is implying that when I find inspiration, I should beat it into submission. Not very inspiring when I think of it that way.

    Anyway, I could use some inspiration, so I'll think of it your way.

  2. No, you're right, Theresa. It's not very inspiring when looked at a certain way! For me, "inspiration" is sometimes difficult, so I do like the idea of simply pursuing it, however elusive it may be.

  3. I think this quote is great!

  4. No, I think his quote gets it right. After all, London didn't say "when you find inspiration bring out the club," he said when you can't find it you should do so. The image that comes to my mind is a person swinging a club against a thicket of overgrown weeds and threatening animals, or in other words: lethargy, fatigure, distraction, boredom, self-doubt, restlessness. All those things that keep one from going deep into yourself and your writing.

  5. I take it to mean "seize the day" or "don't let any opportunity pass you by." Any opportunity is a good opportunity as long as it's reachable with a club and not some pie in the sky.

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