Friday Find: Eight Good Things for Writers to Bring Abroad

I am definitely ensconced in my New York life, but everyone once in awhile I admit that I fantasize about absconding to Paris, where I’ve had the great good fortune to spend some chunks of time in the past, or maybe to another distant locale or two. So I was happy to discover a new blog this week called Writer Abroad (maintained by Chantal Panozzo), and for today’s find I’m going to point you to two posts summing up “Eight Good Things for Writers to Bring Abroad. (By the way, I discovered Writer Abroad via a new feature on the Guide to Literary Agents blog, Seven Things I’ve Learned So Far.)

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you back here on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Friday Find: Eight Good Things for Writers to Bring Abroad

  1. Julie T. Ewald says:

    Thank you for the information! As a writer living abroad, often loving it and sometimes hating it, this is exactly what I needed.

  2. Chantal says:

    Hi Erika,

    It's great to discover your blog as well and thanks for the mention.

  3. Tara says:

    Wow, thanks for these great links. One thing I added to Chantal's list: legal pads. This is something I didn't haul to London when I lived there, and I suffered with badly made, wrongly sized legal pads for a couple of years. (Also take your favorite disposable pens.)

  4. Erika D. says:

    I knew this was a winning find! So glad it's a hit. Special thanks to Chantal for stopping by!

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