Friday Find: Twitter Chats for Writers

Remember when I told you that I was finally lured into opening a Twitter account because I wanted to participate in the Jewish Book Council’s Twitter book club? It turns out that there are SO MANY similar Twitter chats occurring on a regular basis. It’s a veritable virtual smorgasbord!

Thanks to There Are No Rules, I’ve recently discovered “Inkygirl”‘s excellent list of “Twitter Chats for Writers,” and someday–perhaps even this weekend–I’ll actually be able to visit a handful of them! Check them out, and please tell us if any of your favorites are listed there (or if there are others we should know about).

Have a wonderful weekend. See you back here on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Friday Find: Twitter Chats for Writers

  1. Jenn says:

    Inkygirl is my go-to source on how to best utilize Twitter as a writer (her "Writers' Guide to Twitter" is one of the few social media guides that I would consider an essential read — it helped me feel a lot more comfortable with Twitter (and made me realize how much potential it had as more than just a "What I had for lunch" report in 140 characters or less).

  2. Lee Ee Leen says:

    I'm giving Twitter a second chance, there's a lot of junk but nothing spreads the word faster or more succinctly than Twitter

  3. CJ's Writer Thoughts says:

    Hello Erika,
    Thank you for your wonderful blog. There is much to learn here, and I have. I wish you the best of everything!
    Warmest regards,
    CJ Heck

  4. Erika D. says:

    Thanks so much for the comments!

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