Quotation of the Week: Thomas E. Kennedy

The thing is, anything can happen or not happen in this game. The lesson I learned somewhere along the way is that if you just keep doing what you do, at some point somebody will notice and say, Hey look at that guy, he just keeps doing that thing he does, let’s go see what it is he’s doing. And then maybe something happens. But whether it does or doesn’t, a writer finds the true joy of his art in the creation of it. That is important to be aware of. If a writer is not conscious of that fact, he or she would do well to expand their consciousness, because as much as one might hope for great rewards, in truth it is the moment of creation that is the greatest of all. No monetary award or laurel can equal that, really, which is sometimes hard to remember.

Source: Thomas E. Kennedy, interviewed by Joyce J. Townsend in The Writer’s Chronicle 42.5 (March-April 2010).