An Evening at "Collected Stories"

Last week I had the good fortune of making a visit to Broadway, where I saw a revival of “Collected Stories,” a play by Donald Margulies.

As The Jewish Week noted a couple of days after I saw the show:

“In the play, an older Jewish writer named Ruth Stein, expertly played by Lavin, becomes a mentor and maternal figure for a non-Jewish student of hers named Lisa Peterson. The mood of the play is set from the beginning, with Santo Loquasto’s impressive set of book-lined walls, window seats, rugs and lamps. Upon her first visit, Lisa is impressed by the ‘real furniture and real books’ in Ruth’s elegant Greenwich Village apartment, which Lisa contrasts to her own ‘makeshift’ apartment, which she laments is ‘sad, completely lacking in dignity.'”

I tried to snap a photo of the set before the show began. The photo doesn’t do justice to the set, which is indeed impressive.If you have the ability to catch the show before its June 13th closing, I highly recommend it!