Reporting–and Reflecting–on Recent Events

I’m not surprised by the biased “reporting” that we’re seeing from supposedly reputable sources. But that doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. If anyone can really watch this video, or listen to this one, and still apply the word “humanitarian” to the people who were sailing on that ship, despite many warnings to cease and desist (never mind Israel’s offer to deliver the aid in their place, not to mention the convenient pass given to Egypt, which has also blockaded passages to/from Gaza up until today), then there’s really no hope for any kind of worthwhile discussion.

So instead of reading the usual quick-to-condemn Israel suspects, I’m reading the reflections of smart people who care strongly about Israel and care strongly about peace. You can do both, notwithstanding what you might read in certain publications. (And, by the way, you can be a non-Orthodox Gen Xer who steadfastly supports Israel, too! Imagine that! Sometimes I’m almost as upset with certain Jewish writers claiming to speak for me as I am with so much of the “mainstream” press I alluded to above. Maybe my coreligionists upset me even more–but that’s for another post and another time.)

What I am trying to do now is focus on voices of reason. Multiple voices. Different voices. But, again, caring voices.

If only the world would listen.

James Besser

J.J. Goldberg

Jeffrey Goldberg (I’m not going to point you to a single post–he has already posted a few since yesterday. And he’s a great source for links, too.)

Daniel Gordis

David Harris

Daniel E. Levenson

Jonathan Mark

Shmuel Rosner

2 thoughts on “Reporting–and Reflecting–on Recent Events

  1. Eric says:

    Erika, the point isn't whether those folks on the boat were 'humanitarians.' It's what was Israel thinking in allowing itself to get into a situation like this, and the appalling consequences that will result from appalling judgment. As usual David Grossman — whom I believe you admire — has it straight:

  2. Erika D. says:

    Eric (or whomever you may be–your name does not link back to a full profile), while I thank you for taking the time to comment, I disagree strongly with your dismissal of the "humanitarian" issue, since many of the criticisms I have encountered to date–and worldwide headlines–are demonizing Israel precisely for attacking those poor, innocent, well-intentioned civilians.

    I read David Grossman's piece earlier this morning. As usual, his, too, is indeed a voice–among many, as I've indicated in this post–worth listening to. He has earned that attention. I believe you'll see some similar threads in what I've linked to here. But that doesn't mean that I agree with Grossman's view completely.

    I'm also not particularly disposed to embracing anything published about Israel in the Guardian (just as I tend not to value much of what I read about Israel in the NYRB).

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