Notes from Around the Web

It’s good to be back presenting Friday Lit Links for you! I have to confess that a shocking number of links this week will take you elsewhere within, but thankfully, I have managed to find several items worth your time elsewhere, too!

Let’s get going:

  • A conference presentation podcast I hope to listen to myself this weekend, on “what’s hot in Israeli fiction.”
  • This profile will help American readers get to known British author Howard Jacobson
  • A review of Jon Papernick’s new short story collection, There Is No Other (a book that I’m hoping to read soon).
  • A teaching job for an English-language fiction writer in the creative writing program at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.
  • An interview with author Allison Amend
  • And, given the rapid approach of the High Holy Days, an essay from my own archive: “Reflections During the Days of Awe.”

Shabbat shalom!