Quotation of the Week: Andrew Sanger

British author and travel writer Andrew Sanger tweeted this a few days ago:

Good ideas are like dreams. If you don’t write them down at once, they slip away and cannot be found again.

I think that there’s a great deal of truth to this. I’ve found that it is very important to try to capture worthy ideas (and notable dreams) as quickly as possible. I would add, however, that sometimes, very stubborn ideas do come back…during a jog, in the middle of another dream, or in a variety of unexpected contexts. So don’t despair if you think that you may have “lost” a promising thought. But do try to write it down as soon as you can!

One thought on “Quotation of the Week: Andrew Sanger

  1. This is so terribly true, and a lesson I seem required to relearn on a regular basis. I carry a notebook with me now at all times, even out into the fields as we harvest, plant, and back to the processing area again. I also find that a daily journal, no matter how brief an entry, can be incredibly helpful to remembering a good idea or teasing one out of hiding.

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