The Wednesday Web Browser

  • My tbr list grows longer with the addition of Cynthia Ozick’s Foreign Bodies.
  • I met writer Nancy Williams about a dozen years ago when we were classmates in an historical novel workshop at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. I’m happy to introduce Nancy’s new website, which focuses on her “grand passion”: piano. I am particularly taken with an interview that Nancy conducted with Jennifer Rosner, author of the memoir, If a Tree Falls: A Family’s Quest to Hear and Be Heard.
  • Linda Formichelli shares the top five query mistakes that freelance writers make.
  • See how you feel about this article on a writer’s experience writing student papers for pay. And if you’re really interested (and free at noon today), you can join a live discussion with the author.
  • I may have mentioned that I’ve grown a wee bit weary of all the opinion pieces on creative writing/MFA programs. This article is something an exception (the comments from George Saunders are especially good and smart).
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