The Wednesday Web Browser

  • No idea when I’ll actually read it, but Cynthia Ozick’s new novel, Foreign Bodies, is definitely on my tbr list. Check out this Bookforum review. (via Jewish Ideas Daily)
  • National Public Radio wants to know what you think about its books coverage–and how said coverage might be improved.
  • On a related note, this interview with Mark Athitakis features some interesting insights into book reviewing.
  • The American Library Association has added a GLBT youth literature award to its considerable award roster: the Stonewall Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award.
  • I’m still resisting the e-Reader trend, but if you’re more adaptable than I am (and let’s face it, many people are!), you may be interested in this new development: an e-Book club, courtesy of Dzanc Books.
  • How much money can freelancers really make? Kelly James-Enger has investigated.