Friday Find: Your Year in Review (An Inventory of Everything Good)

Leave it to Sage Cohen and her new site, The Path of Possibility, to come up with something so wonderfully positive and productive. In this post, Sage writes:

There is no better launching pad into the great, blank page of 2011 than a thorough inventory of all that went right in 2010. With this in mind, I’m going to ask a series questions in a countdown to the New Year! I encourage you to take your time and answer one per day. Be as thorough as you can in listing every, single thing you appreciate about yourself and what you’ve accomplished in each dimension of your writing life–even if the best you can do is admire that you stopped burning your rejection letters. Deal?

It’s not too late to “backtrack” and begin answering the questions (they date from Monday, December 13). Here are two examples (from this past Monday and Tuesday): What was most fun, exhilarating or rewarding in your writing life this year? and What obstacles did you face and overcome?

This is one end-of-year list I think that every practicing writer will appreciate. I know that I sure do.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you back here on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Friday Find: Your Year in Review (An Inventory of Everything Good)

  1. Donna Siegel says:

    The best thing that happened to me in 2010 was the publishing of my book, “On the Doorposts of All Our Houses (and what went on inside).” It was the culmination of five years of writing and on the cusp of my becoming 80! So there is no age limit on achieving your dreams… am I allowed to add the book can be ordered on Amazon or Barnes and Noble?


  2. Erika Dreifus says:

    In your case, Donna, you’re allowed. Congratulations on your book’s publication.

  3. H L Myers says:

    Thanks for linking to this. It’s a good thing to look back at all the positive things that happened this past year. For many of us it’s far too easy to look at the clouds, not their silver linings. I’ll be posting about this on my writing blog over the next two weeks. Though I’m still at the beginning of my journey, I’ll find some positives to accentuate.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Hi, HL: Thanks so much for your comment. I popped over to your blog, and I see that you’ve already started on this. I’ll look forward to seeing what else you post. I’m really enjoying answering each day’s prompt (even if I’m too chicken to post my responses publicly!).

  4. Sage Cohen says:

    Hooray! Let the celebrating continue! Thanks so very much for spreading the good word, Erika!

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank *you*, Sage! I’m really having fun w/the inventory each day!

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