The Wednesday Web Browser

  • “We Need to Talk About Your Amazon Sales Rankings” is an amusing video/book trailer from husband-and-wife authors John Yunker and Midge Raymond.
  • For someone who’s never even been married (and is not a child of divorced parents, or a matrimonial lawyer, or therapist), I probably know a lot more about divorce than I should. To be sure, these two divorce-related poems, published recently through, resonated.
  • Fear of conducting interviews getting in the way of your freelancing? (It’s happened to me.) Linda Formichelli busts your excuse.
  • Also from and for the freelancing files: sage advice from Kelly James-Enger on “the best place for new writers to pitch.”
  • The December Practicing Writer newsletter went out to subscribers yesterday, and I’ve been worried about some line-spacing glitches I’ve seen in my own (and others’ forwarded) copies. I’m hoping that my template isn’t corrupted. It’s such a basic template that it’s tough for me to guess what the problem is. In any case, everything looks tip-top in the copy I’ve posted on my website.