For the International Day of Commemoration: Reznikoff Reading “Holocaust”

For me, at least, Yom Hashoah remains the primary Holocaust Remembrance Day of record, so to speak. But in 2005, the United Nations designed January 27 as an “annual International Day of Commemoration to honour the victims of the Holocaust” (Auschwitz was liberated on January 27, 1945).

And yesterday, I discovered an amazing and relevant online resource: excerpts from a recording of poet Charles Reznikoff reading from his last book, Holocaust. (For background on Holocaust, read Charles Bernstein’s exceptionally instructive essay, and for information on a full CD—the product of many years of labor by Professor Abraham Ravett—please read this.)

I’ve begun listening to the excerpts. It’s not easy to listen to them consecutively, without a break. But today of all days, do try to listen to some of them.

(Thanks to the NewPages blog for this very special find.)

2 thoughts on “For the International Day of Commemoration: Reznikoff Reading “Holocaust”

  1. Rayna Eliana says:

    Thank you for the resource links.

  2. You’re very welcome!

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