Friday Find: Time to Write

Time to write. What a gift. But is it really so elusive?

This week, Sage Cohen (whose latest book is The Productive Writer) noted on The Path of Possibility:

The universal chorus of complaint from writers of all stripes seems to be: not enough time. The truth is, writers make time for writing. And everyone does it her own way. Your job is to find your way. Every Tuesday for the next six weeks I’ll be offering suggestions to help you investigate how your relationship with time is moving you forward or holding you back.

Check in and see what Sage suggested this week. And check back for additional ideas. (By the way, I’m delighted to announce that an interview with Sage will appear in the April issue of The Practicing Writer.)

Here’s to time to write, and to a great weekend. See you all back here on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Friday Find: Time to Write

  1. Mihku Paul says:

    A wonderful reality check, Erika. On the mark. Now that I am teaching, I like to check in weekly with my students and give them that “benevolent pressure” to keep writing. And I heard myself saying “I didn’t have time to write more” recently after submitting a paltry 11 pages to my novel-in-progress writing group.
    The truth is that I have been allowing daily distractions to obstruct my goals, and I worry about being too selfish with regard to the family. Before I graduated with my MFA, faculty members
    chanted that we all had to make time to work, or we would lose momentum and begin the inevitable return to near stasis. Less than one year has passed and I already see it happening with
    some of my class. And myself.
    I am trying to listen when that small desperate voice inside reminds me that I am letting my heart’s desire slip away. Groups help. Having pages due is one effective motivator. Another other is to use a calendar, and schedule yourself for writing time just as you would for any other necessary maintenance. I am talking, of course, about priorities, and it’s useful for writers (particularly women writers) to explore why they have difficulty “giving” the time to themselves. Whether it’s
    2 lines or 2 pages or 2 chapters. Keep going. I have notes posted over my desk, and on the kitchen board. One reads “Just show up for your job” and the other “Pay yourself first.”

    1. Sage Cohen says:

      So great to hear how you’re supporting yourself in your process, Mihku. And thank you, Erika, for sending folks my way!

  2. Have a great weekend Erika! I saw Sage’s post when she first added it to the website, and her attitude towards making the time to write is very inspiring. I think we get so caught up in obligations and other responsibilities that it can seem as if everything is closing in on us. Her post (and her book for that matter) have been a huge breath of fresh air for me.

  3. Erika Dreifus says:

    So glad to see the response this post has evoked. Hope that everyone has had a good (& productive!) weekend.

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