The Wednesday Web Browser

  • As you probably know, we’re now in National Poetry Month. I haven’t been doing a very good job keeping you totally up-to-date, but I’ll hope to remedy my shortcomings somewhat by pointing you to Kelli Russell Agodon’s Big Poetry Giveaway; a special series of poetry-book discussions; celebratory ideas from Sage Cohen, author of Writing the Life Poetic; and plenty of poetry from The Forward‘s “Arty Semite” blog.
  • And speaking of poetry, here’s a lovely (and short) video that Diane Lockward has put together to acknowledge all of the poets who took place in the recent Girl Talk reading in West Caldwell, N.J. (Yes, yours truly is included.) Thanks, Diane!
  • Any time Rebecca Makkai has a new story out, it’s a noteworthy event. Her latest, serialized this week on Five Chapters, is titled “The Disappearance of Miranda Željko.
  • Big congrats to Kelley Coyner, who has just landed a gig writing about nonfiction for The Writer’s Center’s First Person Plural blog. Take a look at the inaugural post–Kelley wants to hear from commenters! (And I’m personally grateful to Kelley for letting me know that a tip on this blog led her to this opportunity.)
  • And while we’re on nonfiction, do read “Notes for an Essay on Race and Class in a Uni Town,” by our friend, “Oronte Churm.”