The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • The annual BookExpo America (BEA) extravaganza is coming up, and Publishers Weekly provides a guide for those who will be attending (or wish that they could).
  • April is coming to an end, and I didn’t write nearly as many poems as I wish I had. But I’ve bookmarked Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog’s April “Poem-A-Day” prompts, and I’ll be returning to them for inspiration. (Frankly, I think Brewer should collect them in a little book/ebook. I’d download a copy!)
  • If April is coming to an end, then May is just about to arrive. And that means that Fiction Writers Review will soon be celebrating Short Story Month. Check out the Collection Giveaway Project details here, and give yourself a chance to win one of Practicing Writing’s own giveaway offerings, too.
  • Poet E. Ethelbert Miller has created a forum for sharing writing wisdom from author Charles Johnson, and in this post, Johnson addresses the art of book reviewing. (Thanks to @mathitak for the find.)
  • If you’re interested in long-form journalism/narrative nonfiction, you’ll want to read all about Byliner, launching soon. (Thanks to @Kathy_Crowley for the find.)
  • Yet another example of ever-reliable, agent-focused advice from Nathan Bransford. (And if you’re looking for more resources re: agents, check those that I’ve listed toward the end of this page.)