The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers: #BEA11 Edition

  • Maybe you’ve heard about a little gathering taking place in New York this week? Something called BookExpo America? No? In that case, you may want to read this primer for some background. (hat tip to Jessica Strawser)
  • If you’re feeling left out because you aren’t attending BEA, don’t worry. I live here in New York, and I’m not attending either. But I am staying semi-informed by following online coverage, including occasional monitoring of the #BookExpo and #BEA11 hashtags.
  • Attention, reviewers and book bloggers: Just because you’re not going to BEA doesn’t mean you can’t find out which titles will be out later this year. Check out Barbara Hoffert’s BEA Galley & Signing Guide for some information nuggets. (Yes, you’ll have to do some detective work about pub dates, but at least this can get your started.)
  • Complementary conference info: a guide to BEA parties that don’t appear to require invitations.
  • A number of other literary events take place in tandem (officially or unofficially) with BEA. One of these is the Jewish Book NETWORK conference, which features a Meet the Author program. Tune in tomorrow for an account of my Meet the Author debut, which took place on Sunday.