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The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Kelly James-Enger breaks down the kinds of writing that are earning freelancers their pay.
  • Elise Blackwell considers creative-writing professors in the movies.
  • Dani Shapiro reflects on the tensions between her identities as a mom and as a memoirist.
  • Christine Redman-Waldeyer shares the history behind the new journal she has founded, Adanna. (I’m proud to have a poem in the debut issue, which was guest-edited by Diane Lockward.)
  • Midge Raymond continues her fab Book Promotion 101 series with some interview tips.
  • Finally, because we can all use a little fantasy by the time the week brings us to Wednesday, let’s just close our eyes and pretend that we’re sipping wine and writing happily right here. Ah, that’s better!
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    1. Goodie…Goodie…time to go exploring these intriguing blogs! Thanks, Erika.

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