Five Twitter Feeds to Follow So You’ll Know What’s Happening in Israel

You know, if the population of any American city were living under the barrage of rockets that continues to rain on southern Israel, we’d be hearing about it all the time, 24/7. But whenever I look at my Twitter timeline, I see almost everyone talking about almost everything/anything but the rocket attacks.

If you want to stay informed–and I hope that you do–I recommend “following” these Twitter feeds for updates:

  • @IDFSpokesperson
  • @IsraelConsulate
  • @StandWithUs
  • @GPOIsrael
  • @NJJN (because, as they’ve done this week, my hometown Jewish newspaper covers our “sister community” in southern Israel–Ofakim–which I visited last fall)
  • I can’t sit around and worry about what’s happening in Israel all day, every day. But at least when I see updates from these feeds, I can say a quick, silent prayer. And I can stay informed.

    If you have additional feeds to recommend, please share them in comments. Thank you.

    2 thoughts on “Five Twitter Feeds to Follow So You’ll Know What’s Happening in Israel

    1. Carol says:

      Good for you for running this!

    2. Erika Dreifus says:

      Carol, it is absolutely the least that I can do. The only other thing I’ve “done” that makes me feel as though I am contributing anything is this: As soon as I heard that Ofakim had been affected, I sent a monetary donation to Aleh Negev, which our group visited last year on a mission to Israel. I really cannot begin to imagine the complexities of shielding the children/residents there from the rockets’ threats.

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