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Quotation of the Week: Lois Winston

Most writers do not sell the first book they write.

–Lois Winston, (Ashley Grayson Literary Agency)

Source: @JaneFriedman, tweeting from #MWW11 (Midwest Writers Workshop)

Sadly true words, at least in my experience.

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  1. In 2004, Jo-Ann Mapson, one of my professors at the University of Alaska, placed her hand on the two-inch-high stack of pages which constituted my first novel–a screwball comedy about a 30-year-old midget who doubles as a stuntman for a child actor in 1930s Hollywood–looked me straight in the eye, and said the words I will never forget: “This will make a great second novel.”

    Since then, I’ve written another novel (one that my agent is about to start shopping around). I’m really hoping it sells so that Jo-Ann’s prediction will come true for my “first” book.

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