Thursday’s Work-in-Progress

Good news on a few fronts. Mainly, I’m cautiously pleased with the status of the commissioned short story that I’ve been working on. And I’ve completed a draft of my next article assignment for The Writer magazine. Two big items on my to-do list, nearly ready to check off.

I’ve also started preparing my presentation for a November 13 appearance with the Jewish Historical Society of New York, and I’m steeling myself to plunge into the one I need to write for a visit to my home congregation in New Jersey on November 18–it will be a friendly crowd there, but a big one! And I’ve set myself an ambitious topic: “Why Is This Jewish-American Writer Different from (Some) Other Jewish-American Writers?” (Fortunately, I was greeted with so many “I loved your book!” comments when I was at the temple for Rosh Hashanah that my confidence is up. Plus, my mom’s friends have committed themselves to a home-baked cookie brigade for an extra-special Oneg Shabbat that evening!)

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Several more rejections have (already) come my way this week, including my second rejection from a “top-tier” residency program. I know–such is life, and such is a writer’s life, in particular.

In other news, assuming that my doctor gives her okay when I see her today, I’ll be returning to my “day job” next week. I have been incredibly lucky with my recovery from last month’s surgery, and, as I’ve been reminded as the bills have begun coming in, incredibly lucky to have a job with pretty excellent insurance benefits. (I am also incredibly lucky to have amazing colleagues and coworkers who have not only showered me with get-well wishes and gifts, but also have pitched in to take over my responsibilities during my medical leave.)

I am looking forward to getting back to my “away from home” office. Still, I know that I will also be returning to that eternal challenge of sustaining and nurturing a writing practice with so much of my time and energy going elsewhere (as I know many of you understand quite well!). Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Work-in-Progress

  1. Kelley Coyner says:

    I very much enjoyed your pre/post publication writing about Quiet Americans. I welcome the change up and the window into your writing life.

    Good luck going back to your out of home office next week.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you, Kelley!

  2. Jackie DiGiovanni says:

    Your post let me know I am not the only writer less than blessed with total sunshine and roses. Thank you for sharing. I’m not a believer in the value of pain. But I am a believer in the value of “where will I send that query to next?”

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Absolutely, Jackie. Thanks for your comment.

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