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The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Eavesdrop on an intense discussion among litmag folks concerning the practice of charging fees for online submissions.
  • Sometime over the past couple of days, I was clued into the redesign of the Welcome Table Press website. So I clicked over to take a look. Among the finds there: the text of Jerald Walker’s superb essay, “The Suspension of Belief: On Being a Practitioner & a Teacher of the Essay in the Age of Skepticism.” I recall being enraptured by Walker’s presentation at the first Welcome Table Press symposium on the essay in April 2010, and I’m so glad to have the essay in pdf.
  • One fiction writer nears her MFA graduation. Check out her thesis–and reflections thereon.
  • Thinking about making the switch to freelancing? Do the math.
  • Quick profile of Amina Gautier, author of the new, Flannery O’Connor award-winning story collection, At Risk. (I’ve been looking forward to this book–I was awed by a story of Gautier’s that I read a few years ago in The Chattahoochee Review. (h/t @Dolen)
  • Also TBR: Don DeLillo’s new story collection, The Angel Esmerelda. (h/t @davidbcrowley)
  • Some thoughtful ideas on “Diversionary Tactics, or How to Lose Your Readers.”
  • Last, but not least: the November Jewish Book Carnival is online, replete with links to news, reviews, and interviews featuring Jewish books & authors.
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    1. Thanks for the mention of my ‘do the math’ post. That DID inspire some lively discussion.

    2. Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m excited about the two story collections you mentioned: At Risk and The Angel Esmerelda. I love that one’s from an “emerging writer” and the other’s from a writer who’s been around forever but never published a collection of his stories before (if I did my research correctly). Both look really good.

    3. Thank you for the comments, ladies. And yes, Sarah, I believe that you’ve done your research correctly!

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