The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Attention, MFA applicants: Wise words on the SOP (otherwise known as “statement of purpose”) from Cathy Day.
  • Advice from Betsy Lerner on how not to begin your query letter.
  • Kelly James-Enger shares “10 Ways to Treat Your Writing Business Like a Business.”
  • Sticking with that general theme: On Carol Tice’s “Make a Living Writing” blog, Syed Ali Abbas suggests “6 Elegant Ways Freelance Writers Can Raise Their Hourly Rates.”
  • Win a seat in Marla Beck’s virtual intensive course, “Two Days to Write.” Deadline to enter is Friday, December 2 (that’s the day after tomorrow!).
  • Excellent tips from Midge Raymond: “On getting (or not getting) reviews.”
  • Fascinating sneak peek into the new Norton nonfiction anthology. (via @fernham)
  • Special insights into litmag submissions, courtesy of Diane Lockward.
  • Over the Thanksgiving break, I had some time to catch up with my New Yorker issues. One of the pieces I most enjoyed is Thomas Mallon’s recent article on “alternate history” in fiction. That article is accessible to subscribers only, but you can listen to Mallon talk about the subject in this podcast.
  • I won’t be there this year, but you can check out the schedule for the 2012 Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) online now.
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