A List of Lists: 2011’s Notable Jewish Books

Now that we are safely ensconced in 2012, I can offer you a “meta” post that collects in a single location links to a number of features on the year-that-was-2011 in Jewish books. As always, I’m a little overwhelmed by how many wonderful titles are out there waiting to be read (more hours in the day, please!). This year, I’m deeply honored that my own short-story collection, Quiet Americans, has earned some generous mentions, too.

So here are my findings:

  • In its “Forward Fives” series, The Forward‘s staff celebrated five books of fiction, five books of poetry, and five books of nonfiction.
  • For Jewish Ideas Daily, D.G. Myers compiled “a reader’s guide to the top Jewish books of the past year,” honoring 38 titles. (No, not 36. Not 54. 38. I’m wondering, too.)
  • The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles published both a list of Notable Books of 2011 and a special article spotlighting the book that won the first annual Jewish Journal Book Prize.
  • On her Jewish Muse blog, Linda K. Wertheimer shared her “‘Jewish’ Book List” for the past year.
  • For Tablet, Marjorie Ingall recommended the best Jewish children’s books of the year.
  • Last, but perhaps not least, please consult my own “Year in Jewish Books” (it may be familiar to you from last month’s Jewish Book Carnival).
  • (Please comment and let me know about any similar lists/posts on the year in Jewish books that I may have missed. Thank you!)

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    1. I would love to have you look at my memoir: SAVING MYSELF: A LOS ANGELES CHILDHOOD.www.jewishbook.me just reviewed by the Jewish Link, Jewish Federation. B’shalom, Jeanne Simonoff

    2. Dear Ms. Dreifus: My memoir, SAVING MYSELF: A LOS ANGELES CHILDHOOD was reviewed this month by the New Mexico Jewish Link, The Jewish Federation of New Mexico. It has received very positive reviews. I would love to have you take a look. You may get more information at http://www.jewishbook.me.

      Thank you, b”shalom, Jeanne Simonoff

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Dear Jeanne: Thank you for your comment. I’ve just sent you a message via email. Best, Erika

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