Friday Find: Prompts for (and from) Poets & Writers

One of the weekly e-newsletters I most enjoy receiving comes from Poets & Writers. It’s titled “The Time Is Now,” and it features three writing prompts, one each designed for poets, fictionists, and writers of creative nonfiction. Sadly, too often I can do little more than move the email containing the newsletter to a “prompts & exercises” folder for later review–I have to get to that day job, after all!–but sometimes, even the sheer act of reading the prompts makes me feel inspired. That happened yesterday–the cnf prompt (“Five Things I Know”) really clicked for me and I’m determined to follow through on it SOON!

You can see past and present prompts on this webpage (and if you look carefully between the boxes for Poetry and CNF prompts you’ll see a link that will help you subscribe to the newsletter, too).

Enjoy, and have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday!