The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • If you’re an MFA student (past or present), or you teach in a graduate program in creative writing, please consider participating in Cathy Day’s quick survey on novels in MFA programs.
  • And on a somewhat related note: Since I seem to be having trouble enough writing anything long-form these days, my attention was caught by John Vanderslice’s post about his new workshop, which will focus on long poems.
  • The latest brouhaha in the creative-nonfiction world (check follow-up posts, too).
  • I was over on Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing blog, and I just kept bookmarking posts to share with you. To save some time, I’ll simply send you to the homepage. Just keep scrolling down!
  • Another freelance tip: Consider the lesser-known holidays.
  • 4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

    1. Jenn Crowell says:

      Thanks for the link to the survey — I worked on a novel in my (low-res) MFA program, and I definitely have some thoughts on the subject. Also looking forward to the AWP session on workshopping novels. (Are you going this year?)

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Hi, Jenn. No, unfortunately I am not going to AWP this year. But I am definitely planning on getting to Boston in ’13.

    2. Erwin K. Roberts says:

      Re: Creative Non-fiction Dust-up


      As far as I can remember creative non-fiction didn’t exist when I was in college. At least it was never mentioned in general ed courses. Now, after reading at the link above, I’m totally baffled.

      The writer being grilled complains about the known facts like a chef crying that the ginger for his masterpiece came from the wrong side of the hill. Those questioning him act like he’s guilty of some crime.

      Would you please point me to a generally agreed upon explaination of just what Creative Non-fiction actually means?

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Ah, Erwin. If only I could answer your question simply right now. Alas, my day job beckons. Perhaps someone else will chime in. You might also want to take a look at the website for the journal Creative Nonfiction.

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