The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • On Lisa Romeo’s blog, Stephanie Vanderslice introduces her new book, Rethinking Creative Writing: Programs and Practices that Work. (We’ve got an interview with Stephanie about this book right here, too.)
  • A voice from the adjunct trenches.
  • This story of how one author found her agent on the subway (technically, the agent found her) has been making the Internet rounds.
  • A lovely account of how Sage Cohen’s young son reminded her of writing advice from Galway Kinnell (which happens to echo advice I recall from Arnost Lustig, who passed away one year ago this week).
  • I really like this interview with my fellow Last Light Studio author, Ericka Lutz, in which Ericka talks about her new novel, the experience of publishing with our small press, and her “nontraditional” routes in both writing and promotion.
  • I was amused (but not at all surprised) to learn that Stephen Colbert has landed a deal for his children’s book (but can we please do away with the verb “ink”?). Check this GalleyCat report for details, plus links to the two-part interview with Maurice Sendak that started it all!