The Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • Last week brought some buzz–including a New York Times article–about an author whose unsellable manuscript scored a deal as soon as a pseudonymous byline entered the picture.
  • The Poets & Writers contests blog presents a Q&A with Jennifer Perrine, who has won multiple contests and competitions.
  • You know how I’m always reminding you that I’m a #writerwithadayjob? Well, with my appearance on, it’s official! (Thanks to Aine Greaney for the affirmation, and for introducing me to your excellent blog.)
  • For the next five days I expect to be seeing a lot on Twitter from the folks heading to Chicago for the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference. With the help of the #AWP12 hashtag, that is.
  • And speaking of AWP–allow me to leave you with this creation, “Annual Conference: 8,000 Writers Expected,” written and read by Rebecca McClanahan.