Thursday’s Work-in-Progress: Introducing My New Column

Last week’s posts–about my day job and about how and where to locate forthcoming books for review–proved very popular. Thank you all for the comments, shares, RTs, and other indications of your interest! I hope that you’ll be pleased to know that today’s “work-in-progress” post takes up some of the threads from last week’s items. And that’s because I’m about to introduce a new “extra-curricular” writing activity grounded in my reviewing practice: a “First Looks” blog series/column for Fiction Writers Review, where I’m honored to be a contributing editor.

As the first post–which went live yesterday–explains: “This series, which I’ll be writing each month, will introduce you to soon-to-be released novels and short-story collections that have piqued my interest as a reader-who-writes. Consider it a public “to be read” announcement of sorts, a way for me to point out a new title (or two) every month and explain what about it has caught my eye. For the most part, we’ll be concentrating on books that fall within FWR’s chief interest: fiction by emerging authors.”

So go ahead. Take a peek and see which soon-to-released titles made it into the inaugural post (and why). Hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Work-in-Progress: Introducing My New Column

  1. Good idea! Will have to keep an eye on this column for fresh reads.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Please do, and thanks!

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