Quotation of the Week: Julia Alvarez

“For me, the writing life doesn’t just happen when I sit at the writing desk. It is a life lived with a centering principle, and mine is this: that I will pay close attention to this world I find myself in. ‘My heart keeps open house,’ was the way the poet Theodore Roethke put it in a poem. And rendering in language what one sees through the opened windows and doors of that house is a way of bearing witness to the mystery of what it is to be alive in this world.”

–Julia Alvarez, quoted in 1998 in The Writer magazine, with the quotation republished in “Great Writing Tips from 125 Years of The Writer,” in the magazine’s April 2012 issue.

4 thoughts on “Quotation of the Week: Julia Alvarez

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m so glad you posted this–it’s a good reminder for me right now! Thanks

  2. Thank you for posting this beautiful quote.

  3. Amy Morgan says:

    ‘My heart keeps open house,’ ….that will have me thinking for quite some time. Thank you for the timely post Erika.

  4. Erika Dreifus says:

    I love it when a quotation resonates! Thanks for letting me know, all.

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