Wednesday Web Browser for Writers

  • If you have the time today, you can drop by The New Yorker‘s “Ask the Author” chat with Adam Gopnik. The subject: Albert Camus, the focus of Gopnik’s article in this week’s issue of the magazine. Chat begins at 3 p.m., E.T.
  • Want to write a guest post for Carol Tice’s blog? Here’s what not to do.
  • I’ll admit that I don’t get too agitated about gender issues in publishing. (What ticks me off far more is the anti-Israel sentiment I see in the literary/publishing establishment, not any perceived bias favoring male writers.) That said, I’m a fan of Meg Wolitzer’s work, so when she writes, I read. Sunday’s New York Times Book Review included Wolitzer’s “The Second Shelf: Literary Rules for Men and Women.” Worth your time, if you haven’t yet caught it.
  • Writer Abroad offers some good, basic, nuts-and-bolts info on finding a literary agent.
  • Historical novelist Natalie Wexler reflects on what she finds in old newspapers.
  • I’m a contributor to this new anthology (along with a few hundred others).