Friday Find: Another Resource for Book Reviewers

You know what’s coming up, don’t you? That’s right, it’s nearly time for Book Expo America (BEA), where publishers will introduce and seek to build buzz for forthcoming titles. If you’re a reviewer or book blogger, BEA provides a terrific opportunity to learn about titles you might want to cover over the next several months.

Even if you can’t make it to BEA itself, you can benefit from some of the ancillary resources. For instance, Publishers Lunch this week released a digital “buzz book” of its own, “a free ebook that presents over 30 meaty excerpts from books that will be featured at the convention and highly-touted fall releases of all kinds.” I downloaded it right away and immediately took note of books I’ll want to read and write about.

[But remember, there are plenty of other ways to find not-yet-published titles for review as well.]

And with that, I am off for the holiday weekend. I’ll see you back here on TUESDAY, and we’ll get the June newsletter out to you next week as well. Have a safe and pleasant weekend, all.