Friday Finds for Writers

It’s Friday, folks! Here are a few noteworthy links for you to explore at your leisure this weekend.

  • Planning to write about the London Summer Olympics? Check out this style guide from The Associated Press.
  • “Opportunities” to avoid.
  • Next up: “4 Ways to Land Travel Writing Assignments by Thinking Creatively”–great post, totally aligned with my own “think outside the box” philosophy for freelancing.
  • A few “black lit mags to watch.” (via The Review Review)
  • And if you’d like to know how an essay-review on The Millions has rekindled my interest in the fiction of Etgar Keret, please hop on over to my other blog.
  • Happy weekend, all. See you back here on Monday!

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    1. Thanks for including the guest post on my site! I’m glad it resonated with you!

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        And thanks for stopping by, Linda!

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