Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress: A Bit About My Latest Book Review

If you look at my list of published reviews you’ll see that I’ve written repeatedly for certain publications. There’s no question that I value and appreciate those long-standing relationships and the relative ease with which the editors of those publications and I exchange review ideas and assignments.

But it’s also nice to establish new connections. And that’s what I’ve done with the Jewish Review of Books, whose current issue contains my byline for the first time.

The quarterly isn’t new to me. I’m a subscriber, and I’d pitched a couple of times before I sent the April 30 email that resulted in the assignment to review Munich 1972: Tragedy, Terror, and Triumph at the Olympic Games, by David Clay Large (Rowman & Littlefield, 2012). I submitted the draft in July; editorial correspondence and revisions continued in August; and my contributor copies arrived over the Labor Day weekend. The JRB website was updated last week. (Alas, my review, briefly accessible to all, now appears to be behind the subscriber paywall.) And my payment arrived a few days ago.

So that’s a quick summary of one of my summer projects. I’m proud of this work–and most grateful for the opportunity to undertake it.

P.S. If you’re desperate to read my review–and all of the other “locked” content–you might consider the JRB‘s free 30-day online trial.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress: A Bit About My Latest Book Review

  1. Amy Morgan says:

    A new connection through steady perseverence. Hope this new doorway brings many opportunities for you to share your writing with a broader and growing audience. Thanks for sharing the timeline and the process as well! Black September sounds gripping.

  2. Judy BF says:

    Congratulations, Erika! A wonderful credential that you deserve.

  3. Erika Dreifus says:

    Thank you so much, ladies!

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