Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure ChestWriting-related resources, news, and reflections to read over the weekend.

  • Something that still (sometimes) stymies me: the who/whom divide.
  • On the VQR blog: Kathleen Schmidt explains “what to expect when you’re expecting to hire a book publicist.”
  • Jane Roper writes about “the book that didn’t break out, and the disease that did.”
  • Happy Short Story Month! See what Fiction Writers Review has in store.
  • A dispatch from the classroom: Natalie Wexler on why many students in the D.C. public schools can’t write.
  • I’m Boston-bound today for Grub Street’s The Muse & the Marketplace. And one of my conference co-panelists, Douglas Trevor, is featured this week over on the always-excellent Books, Personally blog. Read the Q&A.
  • Finally: some cautionary words about Bancroft Press, a publisher included in the current Practicing Writer. Check writer Betsy Robinson’s comment at the end of the Publishers Weekly article also mentioned in the newsletter.
  • Happy weekend, everyone. See you back here on Monday.