Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure ChestWriting-related resources, news, and reflections to read over the weekend.

  • In the new issue of Poets & Writers magazine: an interview with the New York Times Book Review‘s new editor, Pamela Paul. Also in this issue: a profile of super-agent Eric Simonoff.
  • Literary late-bloomer Edward Kelsey Moore explains why, at 52, he’s not too old to be a debut novelist.
  • My favorite lines from this interview with Colum McCann: “[T]here is also a large part of me that delights – absolutely delights – in the success of my students and how they swell up the lungs of the world. I’m never happier than when a student brings out a book.” But there’s a lot of other great stuff here, too, especially about McCann’s new novel, TransAtlantic, and the new charity, Narrative 4, that he has co-founded with Luis Alberto Urrea.
  • On a related note (related in that McCann hails from Ireland and currently teaches at Hunter College of The City University of New York [CUNY]), CUNY TV is launching a new series on “Irish Writers in America.” A preview episode, featuring Jimmy Breslin, is available here.
  • Though apparently intended mainly for academics outside the creative-writing field, Rachel Toor’s “I Don’t Write Enough Because…” may strike chords with a wide group of writers, whether in academia or not.
  • Have a great weekend, everyone. See you back here on Monday!

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    1. Ann-Louise Truschel says:

      Loved Moore. Loved Toor.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        I’m so glad to hear that!

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